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Our training methods get results, fast.

Executive coaching is rapidly gaining in credence in the corporate world as business goal posts shift constantly in an intensely competitive arena. Business organisations realise that handing out titles and expecting executives to face new challenges unsupported is counter-productive. And we know that quantifiable success can sometimes elude those considered most likely to succeed, due to a lack of self-belief or other limiting thought and/or behaviour patterns.

We have developed a range of co-ordinated executive coaching programmes and individual coaching products that are precisely tailored for each situation. But before we begin, we identify the exact criteria for a successful outcome, ensuring the needs of the individual and the organisation are fully met.

Our individual, team and company-wide programmes enable people to break through whatever barriers have been holding them back to achieve spectacular results, and to then use their successes to positively influence others. We call it The Top-down Cascade Effect; others refer to it as good leadership!

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
- Oscar Wilde

Today's busy professionals routinely spend more time working than on personal pursuits. Those who love what they do are generally more successful; those who are more successful tend to be more turned on by what they do. Our coaching philosophy is designed to help executives develop a seamless mindset that combines enthusiasm, focus and positivity in every area of their lives. It's not just about work; there is equal benefit on a personal level, too.

Janey Bell & Associates executive coaching What we do

We recognise the value of established process and tradition but believe there can be no future without change. Results-driven change is a powerful tool that can be applied with often surprisingly fruitful results in both our business and personal lives