What our clients think of us

"The main benefits that I took away from my coaching sessions with Janey were improved personal skills and a new set of tools that I can apply in a practical way. My style of communicating has improved considerably."
- IT Manager
"We have worked on two key areas. Firstly, we looked at career development and career focus. This had a direct impact on my own development in both the short and long term. I came out of these sessions absolutely focussed on what I needed to do and, more importantly, a clear understanding of why I needed to do it. On a personal note, I cannot praise Janey highly enough. She is consistent in her approach, which guarantees that you learn quickly and build on your learning as you go. She strikes the perfect balance between being supportive and being challenging, always listening and offering advice. These coaching sessions have been the most valuable personal development I have ever undertaken."
- Matthew Schofield ACII, Chartered Insurer
"I have not only enjoyed our sessions very much but found them incredibly helpful. Lifechanging, in a word!"
- Claims Manager
"I have worked with Janey on a couple of occasions, with great personal success. Our recent engagement was short, sharp and sweet! In just a couple of sessions, Janey helped me tackle a key area of focus, with the added benefit of a few fantastic interventions for some of those everyday challenges. (Specifically for me, getting to those critically important meetings and appointments on time!) I would recommend Janey and her executive coaching style and techniques to anyone looking for that extra bit of confidence or help in tackling areas of personal and/or professional development that you know need improvement but can't quite put your finger on..."
- Sally Davis, Finance Portfolio Manager, UKGi Business Change and IT
"The sessions focussed my thinking so that I was able to make decisions in a clear and strategic way."
- Equity Salesperson
"When I first started working with Janey I had gone through a couple of setbacks which severely knocked my confidence. Through Janey's executive coaching techniques and some honesty from myself, we developed a programme to increase both my assertiveness and my belief in myself. With guidance and support, Janey enabled me to recognise my strengths and, as a result, I have secured a new position. I truly believe that the sessions I had with Janey enabled me to achieve this - she unlocked my fears and turned them into positives."
- Rachel Wells, Project Manager, Internal Consulting
"Janey is an excellent trainer who is enthusiastic and committed."
- Managing Director

Janey Bell & Associates executive coaching What we do

We recognise the value of established process and tradition but believe there can be no future without change. Results-driven change is a powerful tool that can be applied with often surprisingly fruitful results in both our business and personal lives