Success stories

"Our clients are already successful; our job is to make them even more so. A major key to our success is knowing when and where to make a strategic intervention, and to then act as the catalyst that enables our clients to acknowledge, identify and conquer whatever it is that is holding them back. Usually, these barriers are self-made, born of an individual's specific and often unconscious limiting self-belief. We help them to realign their internal self-perception with the reality of what they want to achieve and then work on redefining their focus so that they cannot help but succeed.
Success really does breed success. People who feel good about themselves, and who are confident about what they do, will always be strong leaders, dedicated team players, creative thinkers and dynamic generators of on-going corporate development and change."
- Janey Bell, MBA

Our work in practice

Assertiveness and confidence

We were asked by a leading financial services organisation to assist in the professional development of a female senior manager who held back from stating her opinions in meetings until after others had made their views known. Her limiting belief was that everyone else's input was more valuable than hers and that her (mostly male) colleagues would be dismissive of what she had to say.

The initial feedback from her Director was that her contributions usually were the most valid and useful of all, and that she needed to speak up sooner in order to increase her effectiveness.

Our first strategic intervention was to change her internal representation and to then build on the belief that she was equally experienced and skilful as her colleagues. Once these foundations were securely laid, we worked on her development of a more assertive presence in meetings.

Presentation skills

Our client was a Senior Manger for whom it was vital to make a positive impact with the Head of the division in the first 100 days of his new role. Over the course of a number of sessions we assisted him in developing his vision and strategy and identifying quantifiable milestones within the development process. He was able to significantly redefine his focus and to clarify his leadership identity.

We enabled him to gather and learn how to use the tools for building successful relationships with direct reports, key peers and strategic personnel industry-wide. This resulted in him delivering a powerful presentation that produced a clearly defined view of the corporate culture he wanted to instil throughout the organisation and a unified understanding of how this could be translated into measurable results.

Personal rebranding

We were asked to work with a Senior Manager who had been with the organisation, man and boy. Feedback from several sources suggested that his style when making presentations to the Board was often inappropriately humorous and flippant, sometimes showing him in an unfavourable light. Our brief was to ensure that he connected and communicated with Board members in a manner they could identify with, and that gave him gravitas and credibility.

Our main strategic intervention was to alter our client's limiting belief - in this case a self-perception that he was a junior staff member who needed to ingratiate himself with other senior personnel. In reality, he was a Senior Manager himself but still subconsciously held onto his junior personal style. Eliminating this psychological barrier cleared the way for us to help him develop the skills to become a stronger and more grounded individual whose default style was no longer one of self-deprecating humour.

Janey Bell & Associates executive coaching What we do

We recognise the value of established process and tradition but believe there can be no future without change. Results-driven change is a powerful tool that can be applied with often surprisingly fruitful results in both our business and personal lives