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We are a boutique-style executive coaching and development practice that places outstanding results at the centre of everything we do.

Janey Bell

We are a committed group of professionals who work together with one aim in mind:

To help key business people develop the management skills and leadership qualities they need to position and maintain the organisations they work for at the peak of performance.

We teach busy professionals to constantly challenge their perceptions of what is possible, resulting in a marked increase in their effectiveness and a seductively enhanced sense of their own personal self-worth and achievement levels.

We believe that work and learning should be fun. We are every bit as serious about the business of developing business as the clients who engage us, but we encourage every executive who comes to us to live a little and to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of enjoying their work and business relationships.

Success really does breed success. Positive leaders will always inspire and motivate others and themselves to succeed and excel, achieving sustainable results and continually evolving development strategies that empower their organisations.

Janey Bell & Associates executive coaching What we do

We recognise the value of established process and tradition but believe there can be no future without change. Results-driven change is a powerful tool that can be applied with often surprisingly fruitful results in both our business and personal lives